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Signatures-in-Lieu of Filing Fee

DocumentSignatures In-Lieu of Filing Fee Petition

A candidate may submit a petition Containing signatures of registered voters in-lieu of paying the filing fee in order to run for office. The signatures submitted may cover all, or a portion, of the filing fee.
Signers shall be voters in the district or political subdivision in which the candidate is to be voted on. With respect to any candidacy for partisan office, signers shall be affiliated registered voters who disclosed a preference, pursuant to Section 2151, for the party, if any, in which the nomination is proposed. Signers need not be registered voters who disclosed a preference for any party when signing candidacy papers for a candidate seeking nomination to a voter-nominated office.

Signatures in lieu of filing fee petitions may be submitted to the elections official on an on-going basis. (Administrative Code §20533)

The petitions must be filed with the county elections official in the county where circulated.

No additional signatures may be filed after the Signatures-in-lieu filing deadline (§8106(b)(3)). The elections official shall notify the candidate of the number of invalid signatures within 10 days of filing.

Judicial candidates shall cover the deficiency by paying the balance due of the filing fee no later than the deadline for filing the Declaration of Intention.

All other candidates shall cover the deficiency by paying the balance due of the filing fee no later than date of filing a Declaration of Candidacy.

If a petition is submitted containing numerous duplicate signatures in order to file a larger number of signatures-in-lieu, those signatures will be disqualified and credit toward the filing fee will not be given to them. The candidate must either pay the full amount remaining of the filing fee or forfeit the opportunity to be a candidate.

That portion of the filing fee not covered by the signatures must be paid in full before the Declaration of Intention, Declaration of Candidacy or Nomination Petition may be filed.

If forms are issued as Signatures-In-Lieu Petitions, they must be returned by the deadlines listed above. DO NOT use the Signatures-In-Lieu Petitions for collecting nomination signatures during the Nomination Petition signature gathering period from February 12 to March 9. Candidates must obtain a Nomination petition during that period in order to collect any nomination signatures that may be needed.

The names and addresses of candidates requesting Signature-In-Lieu Petitions is considered public information.

(Elections Code §8105, 8106)

Who FilesOptional for All Offices that require a filing fee. (US Senate, Congress, State & County)
Where to FileWith the San Benito County Department of Elections


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