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(California Code of Regulations §19006; Elections Code §§2184, 2188,2194;
Government Code §26831, 26854, 81008)

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Fee: $40.00 per delivery     Code: GC 26831

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Application Certification of Truth and Correctness
       The above-named applicant/agency, hereby applies to the Department of Elections of the County of San Benito and agrees that the aforementioned information set forth in affidavits of registration of voters and any information derived from said tabulating cards, electronic data processing tapes and indices (hereinafter collectively referred to as “registration information”_ will be used only for the election or governmental purposes, as defined by Title 2, Division 7, Article 1, Section 19003 of the California Administrative Code.
       The applicant/agency, further agrees not to sell, lease, loan or deliver possession of the registration information, or a copy thereof, or any portion thereof, to any person, organization or agency without receiving written authorization to do so from the Department of Elections.
       Subject to provisions of Title 2, Division 7, Article 1, Sections 19001 through 19007 of the California Administrative Code, the applicant agrees to pay the Department of Elections, as compensation for any unauthorized use of each individual’s registration information, an amount equal to the sum of 50¢ multiplied by the number of times each registration record is used by the applicant in an unauthorized manner.
       I, certify, under penalty of perjury, that all information on this form is true and correct.
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