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Elections Advisory Group

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The San Benito County Election Advisory Group was established by the Registrar of Voters in 2004 to connect the voting public and the Registrar of Voters Office. The group is designed to gather feedback, community outreach, provide quality service, improve voting accessibility, and educate about the laws, regulations, and processes. The group is invested in ensuring that every San Benito County resident is given the opportunity to vote, understand the processes and present recommendations.

Mission Statement

The Elections Advisory Group is committed to the vision of full-community participation in the electoral process.

Vision Statement

The Elections Advisory Group shall meet the needs of all San Benito County eligible voters to ensure active participation in all local, State and Federal Elections.

Our Six Core Strategies:

The Group’s strategy targets six areas:

  1. Electoral Education:  Offer education to the community about the general electoral processes, voter registration, constitutional rights and privileges, and related information.
    1. multi-media presentations
    2. hands-on activities
  2. Encourage Voter Participation: Promote discussion about the need for community participation in the election process by reaching out to specific groups.
    1. politicians
    2. media outlets
    3. academics and teachers
    4. community leaders
    5. opinion makers and writers
  3. Register New Voters: Seek out those who are legally eligible to vote but are not registered to vote in San Benito County.
  4. Language Assistance: Provide language assistance services for all constituents.
    1. Spanish versions of all voter materials
    2. Election-Day bilingual staff offering assistance at polling places
  5. Accessible Needs: Provide a forum where people with disabilities have a place to express ideas or concerns about the voting process.
    1. Provide a place where members could give direct feedback regarding specific polling places or issues they may encounter while voting.
    2. Promotes awareness of issues regarding people with disabilities.
  6. Capacity Building: Lay a foundation for growing participation at all levels of government by reaching out to community groups and providing them timely and accurate information about the electoral process that will help them participate in local, state and federal government.
    1. professional organizations
    2. nonprofit groups and agencies
    3. special interest groups / underrepresented communities / religious communities
    4. Inclusive San Benito County Community Involvement

Six Core Values

  1. Fair and Transparent Elections
  2. Ease of Registration for All Eligible Voters
  3. Availability and Distribution of Accurate and Timely Information
  4. Acquiring and distributing Language Specific Materials
  5. Providing accessible polling places for people with disabilities
  6. Inclusive San Benito County Community Involvement

Roles of Members

The sections below detail the function of members:

  • Meet at least once a month during Election Years (even-numbered years) and every other month during off years (odd-numbered years).
  • Advise the elections department on any significant problems currently encountered by the Spanish-speaking population. Monitor the various services made available to Spanish-speaking voters by the elections department and make recommendations on how the department can help ensure effective and efficient delivery of those services.
  • Advise the elections department of any significant problems encountered by people with disabilities. Monitor the various services made available to disabled voters by the elections department and make recommendations on how the department can help ensure effective and efficient delivery of those services.
  • Review and provide insight for community outreach for the needs of voters in the County and recommend comprehensive goals and objectives for effectively meeting those goals.
  • Advise the Elections Department on how to best cooperate with businesses, organizations, and non-profits in order to maximize the availability of information to meet the specific electoral needs of the community, with the objective of increasing voter participation.
  • Act as the representative of an active nonprofit, interest group or organization of San Benito County and report and/or inform such group member of all Election Advisory news. (if applicable).


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