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DocumentDeclaration of Candidacy & Ballot Designation Worksheet

The Declaration of Candidacy is the official nomination document, wherein the candidate indicates how his/her name and ballot designation is to appear on the ballot. Additionally, the candidate declares that he/she meets the statutory and/or constitutional qualifications for the office sought, and that if nominated, the candidate will accept the nomination and not withdraw.

The Oath of Office on the Declaration of Candidacy form must be taken and signed by the candidate before a person authorized to administer oaths. The election officials and notaries public are so authorized.

A candidate for a voter-nominated office may indicate his or her party preference, or lack of party preference, as disclosed upon the candidate's most recent statement of registration, upon his or her declaration of candidacy. If a candidate indicates his or her party preference on his or her declaration of candidacy, it shall appear on the primary and general election ballot in conjunction with his or her name. The candidate's designated party preference on the ballot shall not be changed between the primary and general election. A candidate for voter-nominated office may also choose not to have the party preference disclosed upon the candidate's most recent affidavit of registration indicated upon the ballot.

The candidate is required to execute the Declaration of Candidacy in the office of the elections official, unless a written statement is signed and dated by the candidate designating a person to receive the Declaration of Candidacy form from the elections official and deliver it to the candidate. The written statement from the candidate shall include language indicating that the candidate is aware that the Declaration of Candidacy must be properly executed and delivered to the elections official in the county of the candidate’s residence by the 88th day prior to the general election.

Candidates that choose to list a Ballot Designation (Occupation) on the Declaration of Candidacy will be required to submit a Ballot Designation Worksheet that supports the use of that ballot designation by the candidate, in a format prescribed by the Secretary of State. This form is mandatory and must be filled out completely prior to filing the Declaration of Candidacy.

If you have any questions about the rules and usage of your Ballot Designation (Occupation) please speak with an Election’s Department staff member.

Elections Code §§ 8002.5(a), 8020, 8023, 8028, 8101, 8105, 13107, 13107.3

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