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Candidate Statements – Gavilan CC, TA 7

Please note that Candidate Statements are optional and paid for by the candidates.  This page may NOT contain a statement from each qualified candidate.  

Prior to the Random Alphabet drawing on August 18th, statements will be listed in the order of filing. Once the Random Alphabet is drawn, statements will be reordered to match the order the candidates will appear on the ballot.


Occupation: Nonprofit Administrator

Education & Qualifications:

Jose Martinez-Saldana, my campaign is centered on three priorities:

Student Success: Gavilan serves residents of San Benito County and Southern Santa Clara County. Students include young adults seeking their AA/AS/Transfer degrees, vocational/workforce preparation, or to increase skills. Adults wanting to improve employability or change careers. All need a quality education. To ensure their success, Gavilan has to be accessible (physically, affordable, flexible), and provide a curriculum for today and the future.

Fiscal Health: the pandemic resulted in unfilled staff positions, reduced course offerings, and delays to the Hollister campus. The board must work with the leadership to safeguard resources and fulfill the goals connected to the bond measures voters approved.

The College for Today and Tomorrow: Gavilan is in the final year of the current Strategic Plan. Gavilan must assess the district's population shifts of the past decade and project what the next decade or two will require in the next Strategic Plan in establishing priorities for infrastructure, staffing, enrollment, services, and curriculum. To maximize student success, we must leverage local, state and federal funding.

I am asking for your support in the November 2022 election to allow me to help make Gavilan College the launching pad for students’ academic and career dreams.


Occupation: Gavilan Community College Trustee Area 7

Education & Qualifications:

Education: B.A. CSUMB with Distinction, M.S.A. CSUB with honors

Some of our elected representatives appear to believe that they are there to rubber stamp the recommendations of highly paid administrators. The “rubber stamp” board occurs when officeholders are unwilling to commit to the time and hard work needed to fully understand the financial consequences of their decisions. Unfortunately, sometimes those decisions lead to dire financial consequences. My attendance and voting record is testament to the time and work dedicated to understanding the issues confronting the Gavilan College District to ensure quality education.

The voters of San Benito County understand that while education is an expensive investment, it’s the most important one we can make. In 2018, the voters passed Measure X, $248,000,000 Bond. I am glad to report, the ground-breaking for the construction of the new San Benito County satellite campus is scheduled next year. Soon, San Benito County students will be able to attend more classes in Hollister, without the need to drive on the heavily congested highways to get to and return from the Gilroy campus.

With your vote, I will continue to work hard to ensure that your expensive investment in the education of our students continues to be our best investment.


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