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Candidate Statements – U.S. Representatives, 18th District

Please note that Candidate Statements are optional and paid for by the candidates.  This page may NOT contain a statement from each qualified candidate.  

Prior to the Random Alphabet drawing on March 17th, statements will be listed in the order of filing. Once the Random Alphabet is drawn, statements will be reordered to match the order the candidates will appear on the ballot.


Occupation: Businessman / County SupervisorAge: 48

Education & Qualifications:

Let’s retire out-of-control government. We must stop electing elites that enrich themselves at our expense. The trillion-dollar government spending sprees, voted in by this administration and the progressive caucus, gave us inflation and increased costs for gas, food, and shelter. Our farmers are threatened by attacks on common and necessary nitrate fertilizers and farming autonomy thanks to HR 7763. The rise of violent crimes and illegal drugs infiltrating our communities have deteriorated our public safety and eroded our freedom. These soft on crime policies are a consequence of the legislatures votes on Defunding the Police bills and other soft on crime measures (including ensuring that imprisoned felons were able to receive massive stimulus checks). As a County Supervisor, I understand the need to protect the public trust. I fought against the Administrative state in the middle of the Covid lockdowns. As a small business owner, I know that small businesses are the muscle of the economy. The current leadership has voted for many bills that increase taxes of small businesses and add unnecessary regulations. I shall fight to support the interests of the middle class and reduce taxes and regulations. I shall fight to restore America’s energy independence. I shall fight for law and order and equal justice under the law. My parents were immigrants who came here for the American Dream. Vote for me to preserve the blessings of liberty for our children, and to provide for them a prosperous American future.


Occupation: Congresswoman

Education & Qualifications:

We need to put people before politics when we try to solve problems.

When the pandemic hit, the world’s economy turned upside down. It was a scary and uncertain time. Then inflation hit us hard.

I put people over politics when I voted for lower prescription drug prices, for lower energy costs, for desperately needed funding for our local community infrastructure projects, affordable housing and broadband. When I voted for a law to create new manufacturing jobs in America - to solve supply chain costs, to lower energy costs and fight climate change. When I voted for benefits for veterans harmed by burn pits. When I voted for immigration reform.

We all deserve to feel safe. I put people over politics when I voted for commonsense laws to prevent gun violence; when I voted for more money for local public safety.

Freedom includes the rights of women to control their own health care. I put people over politics when I voted to reinstate Roe v. Wade and for the rights of Americans to marry who they choose. These are personal freedoms. They are decisions which should not be made by politicians.

Our economy will recover. We will beat back inflation. But if our Constitution is not protected then a better economy will not be enough. I’m standing firm to defend our democracy against extremists.

I’d appreciate your vote to continue these efforts. I will do my very best to be the voice of the people of San Benito County in Washington.


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