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Candidate Statements – U.S. Representatives, 18th District

Please note that Candidate Statements are optional and paid for by the candidates.  This page may NOT contain a statement from each qualified candidate.  

Prior to the Random Alphabet drawing on March 17th, statements will be listed in the order of filing. Once the Random Alphabet is drawn, statements will be reordered to match the order the candidates will appear on the ballot.


Occupation: Congresswoman

Education & Qualifications:

Recently we’ve faced some of our most serious challenges. A worldwide pandemic affected everyone, took friends and family from us, and turned our economy upside down. We’ve also seen attacks on democracies and threats to our Constitution and rule of law.

I remain guided by several principles. Support families, workers, and small businesses not the 1% or special interests. Collaborate with local leaders to help everyone get through these perilous times and rebound stronger. Stay true to our Constitution, basic fairness, and human decency. Stand up to bullies.

The CARES Act and American Rescue Plan helped communities and small businesses

survive. The recently passed infrastructure bill impacts every corner of our country, positioning us to surge forward economically. And while inflation jumped worldwide, unlike others America thankfully avoided economic stagnation and mass unemployment. Last year, we reached the world’s highest economic growth and kept unemployment low. We’ll continue to fight inflation, but not at the expense of good jobs or wages.

Next year, I hope to work with community leaders in San Benito County to bring infrastructure funds home. Highway 25, water, broadband access and affordability all need attention. We can get this done together!

We’ve been through a lot. But I know we can and will emerge stronger. Solutions are within reach if we all pull in the same direction. Diversity is our strength, but unity is our power.

I’d be honored to have your vote. If re-elected, I’ll always stand up for you in Washington.


Occupation: U.S. Citizenship Teacher

Education & Qualifications:

In the past 20 years I have worked several jobs, from lab technician at an agricultural company in 2000, research assistant at UCSC in 2008 to complete graduate programs in education, applied math and statistics, to teaching algebra at Watsonville High in 2015 and to college students in 2021. During that period, I also helped farm workers obtain their GED through high school equivalency programs (HEP) offered at CSUMB, Hartnell College, North Monterey County, and the Salinas Adult School. I remember with pride, helping my students graduate from their HEP classes at the Cesar Chavez Library in the East of Salinas and at the Castroville Public Library and Family Resource Center. I currently help immigrants become U.S. citizens and in particular our Oaxacan community to obtain the benefit of the temporary legal status DACA to work in the U.S.. During the pandemic, I joined an organization based on a variety of religious institutions to help low income families apply for rental assistance from Castroville to King City and neighboring communities. I want to represent you in the U.S. Congress to work with other lawmakers so we can accomplish immigration reforms, to attain more affordable health care for low and middle class families, and to ensure that our rights and freedoms in the Constitution will always be protected. I believe that every person in the United States deserves affordable healthcare and housing, higher education, a stable income, a safe community, and a peaceful world. Please visit:


Occupation: Business OwnerAge: 47

Education & Qualifications:

Our costs of living are skyrocketing. We are paying too much for gas, food, and all other daily needs. Crime is increasing in our neighborhoods. When elected to Congress, I will support policies/sponsor bills that will reduce inflation and put criminals in jail.

As a husband/father of four, I understand the need to be able to protect my children’s health, their education and be able to provide for them. As a small business owner, I know the importance of the small business community as vital to an American economy.

As a County Supervisor, I understand the need to protect the public trust. I fought for transparency and reengagement of the voice of our citizens in the civic process. I fought for clarity and reasonableness in the middle of the pandemic lockdowns.

I served 4 years on the Hollister School Board and fought hard to protect parents’ rights. During the pandemic I supported to get kids back in school, learning in a classroom with teachers.

As a San Benito County Native, I was raised in the rural/agricultural community. I’ve learned to work hard and honor the traditions of my Christian faith. To me a love of God, is a love of Country, and a love of community.

Government is the people’s business. I will renew the rule of law and bring back safe communities. I will restore parent’s rights to educate their children. I will revive the middle class, the muscle of our economy.

I commit to represent you in Washington.


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