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Candidate Statements – City Council D3

Please note that Candidate Statements are optional and paid for by the candidates.  This page may NOT contain a statement from each qualified candidate.  

Prior to the Random Alphabet drawing on August 18th, statements will be listed in the order of filing. Once the Random Alphabet is drawn, statements will be reordered to match the order the candidates will appear on the ballot.


Occupation: Business Owner

Education & Qualifications:

My name is Rosalinda Sanchez and I’m honored to be running as your next city council member for District 3. I’m a local small business owner and I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business.

Currently, I serve on the City’s Arts and Culture Commission. My passion is the Arts and education for youth empowerment.

I decided to run for office because I believe we need more diverse and responsible revenue streams for the City of Hollister. I also believe we need to work and invest in our small business owners, since they are the backbone of our local economy. By properly promoting and investing in our community, we will start to experience more diverse places to shop and a better quality of life for our families.

My vision for our community is to empower our citizens to take back ownership of our city and begin working together to create a Hollister that is made up of vibrant and diverse communities that support one another. A united Hollister is a thriving Hollister!

I’m humbled by your support and respectfully ask for your vote.

Thank you

Rosalinda Sanchez

Please feel free to call me at 831-313-4054


Occupation: Hollistr City Council Member, D3

Education & Qualifications:

These past few years have been tough for our families. However, I continue to be impressed by the dedication, persistence, and care shown by our city and the residents of Hollister. It has been my privilege to represent the families of Hollister’s District 3, and I would be honored to continue my service to you.

Last year, I won a special election to be your Councilmember, and now this November I am asking for your vote again to continue being your voice and advocate at City Hall. I want to continue the work we are doing together to address the challenges facing Hollister, and to empower the growing opportunities helping lift up our families and future.

My unique experience combined with my local and regional relationships prepared me to be your Councilmember for day one. A year later, I am developing new and stronger relationships that help me take action on the issues we’re facing. Housing, inflation, climate change, and economic growth are just a few issues we need to address locally so our entire community may thrive.

I love Hollister, and I love working in service to my neighbors and community. I humbly ask for your vote to continue my service to you. Thank you.


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