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Candidate Statements – 4th Supervisorial District

Please note that Candidate Statements are optional and paid for by the candidates.  This page may NOT contain a statement from each qualified candidate.  

Prior to the Random Alphabet drawing on March 17th, statements will be listed in the order of filing. Once the Random Alphabet is drawn, statements will be reordered to match the order the candidates will appear on the ballot.


Occupation: Businesswoman

Education & Qualifications:

Thank you for the honor of considering me for your vote. I am a businesswoman and a local Government Accountability Activist. I bring a passion with well researched practical logical wisdom that should be required for all elected officials.

As your Supervisor, I will continue to insist on transparency, promoting economic development with an emphasis to reduce commuting, continue the partnership with our schools, protect our environment, and exercise fiscal accountability. I will continue to support increasing fire and law enforcement to ensure the safety and security of our residents.

As your Supervisor, I shall continue to be instrumental in creating economic development. I will work toward the much-needed State of California mandated affordable housing opportunities, to ensure San Benito County remains a vibrant, livable community for everyone.

San Benito County needs to work within its budget to ensure drivable roads and public safety. Based on past practice, the time is now for San Benito County to develop more innovative approaches to receive funds from Sacramento, Washington DC and/or partnerships with local revenue sources.

What sets me apart from others? I’ve done something no other candidate has done. I have attended over 150 Board of Supervisor's meetings, keeping them accountable for you.


Occupation: Assistant County Clerk-Recorder, RetiredAge: 52

Education & Qualifications:

My name is Angela Curro and I respectfully ask for your Vote.

San Benito County requires new leadership that is passionate in its public service and commitment to positive change for our future.

My devoted husband, John, and I moved to Ridgemark in 2004. We loved the opportunity to raise our son, Jackson, in a close-knit community with great potential, deep values and wonderful people.

In 2011, I was honored to become the Assistant County Clerk-Recorder for San Benito County. Before that, I worked as a local Project Engineer building affordable housing that helped homeless families in transition.

My focus has been to support our community. I currently volunteer for San Benito County Girls Inc., Ashford Highland Mutual Water Company, and various local advisory committees.

As your County Supervisor, I will connect with residents, listen to your concerns, and build better relationships. Our unique community has many challenges; congested roads, limited water resources, and promoting local businesses that pay living wages.

Please Vote for Angela Curro. I pledge to improve County services, fiscal responsibility, and ensure prompt & transparent communication for everyone. Thank you.

Ps. --- Feel free to call me…

Let’s talk! 831-524-0149


Occupation: Retired Business Manager

Education & Qualifications:

I’m Tony Avilla and I’m running for County Supervisor to make life better for your family.

I am a lifelong CA resident who grew up working the family’s walnut orchard. After serving in the USAF, I worked for my father’s company, ran a small business, built my own home, and worked in the grocery and manufacturing industries in blue collar jobs and management. For 30 years of short-term missions, I’ve built houses for poor residents in Tijuana.

We have a good life in San Benito County; let’s keep that good and improve what we can make better.

As our county grows, let’s develop adequate infrastructure, including strong law enforcement, to meet the needs of our citizens. Let’s reopen and support our small businesses. Let’s better manage our water in these ongoing drought conditions.

Let’s keep taxes low and improve the fiscal responsibility of county actions. Let’s protect personal liberties, including a strong 2nd Amendment. Let’s protect our parks and natural assets. Let’s provide for school choice, and keep parents involved in their children’s health decisions.

Transparency will be my watchword in all County actions. I’m working hard to earn your confidence and would be honored by your vote. 831-737-0174


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