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In an effort to maintain social distancing, limit the number of people in the office, and better protect you the candidate and our staff, we are offering this online candidate pre-registration system as an alternative to the normal 30-45 minute nomination paperwork process.

Although you will still need to schedule time in our office, the purpose of this online pre-registration, is to minimize the amount of time candidates needs to spend in our office.   If using this method, you must allow enough time for the process to be completed.

For More Information, please call us at (831) 636-4016 or email us at

Please note that submitting this form does NOT make you a qualified candidate.   Please complete the form below and submit.   We will process your registration and send you forms to complete and sign.

Your submission will result in your name appearing on our website as an interested candidate for the selected office.

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The San Benito County Department of Elections does NOT process nominations for City Offices. If you wish to run for Mayor, City Council, City Clerk or City Treasurer, please contact the appropriate City Clerk’s office.
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A ballot designation is 3 words or less, below your name on the ballot, stating your principal profession or occupation. Rules for Ballot Designations are goverened by Elections Code 13107
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Please tell us whether or not you authorize any of the information below, to be released on our website list of candidates.

By checking this box, I authorize the San Benito County Department of Elections to email to me all required preliminary nomination paperwork. I understand that I will be required to complete and sign, where applicable, all items sent to me and schedule an appointment to complete the nomination paperwork.

I further acknowledge that I must complete my scheduled appointment no later than 5pm, on the last day of nominations which is August 12, 2022, unless the nominations for this office are extended to August 17, 2022.


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