County of San Benito Clerk, Auditor & Recorder

Summary Calendar of Filings – June 2022

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Candidate Filing Calendar




Signatures-In-Lieu of Filing Fee

Optional for All Candidates

December 16, 2021** - February 9, 2022
(E-173 - E-118)

Nomination Papers (Nomination Petition
and/or Declaration of Candidacy)

ALL Legislative, Board of Supervisors, and County Office Candidates

February 14 - March 11, 2022
(E-113 - E-88)

Candidate's Statement of Qualifications

Optional for All Legislative and Board of Supervisors Candidates
(County Voter Pamphlet)

File with Nomination Papers

Code of Fair
Campaign Practices

Optional for All Candidates

File with Nomination Papers

Statement of Economic
Interests (Form 700)

All candidates
(Excludes Federal Candidates as well as County Central Committees / County Councils)

File with Nomination Papers

Campaign Disclosure
Statements (FPPC Forms)

Legislative and Board of Supervisors Candidates
(Excludes Federal Candidates)

Refer to the FPPC for filing schedules

Extension of Nomination Period

Only applicable if the incumbent fails
to file and qualify
during the regular
Nomination Filing Period (excludes County Central Committee / County Council Candidates)

March 14 - March 16
(E-87 - E-83)

** Signatures-in-Lieu cannot begin until 28 days after the 2021 Census reapportionment map has been adopted.

The new map must be adopted no later than December 15th.

If the map is not adopted until this date, the start of Signatures-in-Lieu will be January 12, 2022.   The end date will not be changed.   The number of signatures required will be adjusted proportionally to account for the number of reduced days.

For information regarding reapportionment (also known as redistricting), please view the San Benito County Redistricting Website


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