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History of County Assessor

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Tom SlavichElected June 3, 2014
Elected June 8, 2010
Elected June 6, 2006
Appointed February 1, 2005
Image of Tom Slavich
Arnold R. FontesElected March 5, 2002
Elected June 2, 1998
Elected June 7, 1994
Elected June 5, 1990
Elected June 3, 1986
Elected June 8, 1982
Elected June 6, 1978
Elected June 4, 1974
Appointed September 1, 1970
John R. HodgesElected June 2, 1970
Appointed September 1, 1967
Image of John Hodges
Joseph J. RiandaElected June 7, 1966
      - - Deceased August 12, 1967
Elected June 5, 1962
Elected June 3, 1958
Wright A. LynnElected June 8, 1954
Elected June 6, 1950
Adele McConnellAppointed June 1, 1950
G. R. McConnellElected June 4, 1946
      - - Deceased
Elected August 25, 1942
T. H. DonovanElected August 30, 1938
Elected August 28, 1934
Appointed August 26, 1931
M. C. DonovanElected August 26, 1930
      - - Deceased
George W. JusticeElected November 2, 1926
Elected November 7, 1922
Appointed June 6, 1921
G. W. McConnellElected November 5, 1918
     - - Deceased
Elected November 3, 1914
Elected November 8, 1910
Elected November 6, 1906
Elected November 4, 1902
Elected November 8, 1898
D. F. H. McPhailElected November 6, 1894
Elected November 4, 1890
Elected November 7, 1886
Haydon DowdyElected November 7, 1882
Elected September 3, 1879
Elected September 1, 1875
Elected March 26, 1874


We offer the names and terms of all County-Wide elected officials since the beginning of the County, in 1874.

Some offices have come and gone, or have been merged with others, and we attempt to show the history of this as well.  If anyone finds an error on this page, please feel free to bring it to our attention by contacting us at  To view other offices, please select from the list below:

County Supervisors

District 1 District 2District 3District 4District 5

Countywide Offices

AssessorCounty Clerk-Auditor-Recorder
(Registrar of Voters)
of Schools
Superior Court


Offices that no longer exist

County Surveyor
Hollister TownshipConstableJustice of the Peace
Fairview TownshipConstableJustice of the Peace
Paicines TownshipConstableJustice of the Peace
Panoche TownshipConstableJustice of the Peace
San Benito TownshipConstableJustice of the Peace
San Juan TownshipConstableJustice of the Peace
Tres Pinos TownshipConstableJustice of the Peace


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