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Elections Information

On this page, you will find information regarding any current or upcoming elections.

The next scheduled election in San Benito County is the Presidential General Election on November 3, 2020. Information here will be updated in early June 2020.

Please Note:  This page is in transition for the next election.  Some links may either not work, or will take you to March 2020 information.

Contests available for the November 2020 Election:

 As the information becomes available, this page will provide links to:

    • Candidate Statements and Financial Filings
      • Candidate statements for all contests on the ballot will be available for public viewing for 5 days after the close of nominations
      • Forms 470 and 501 are available for viewing
      • Search by candidate, contest, or Election.
    • List of Candidates
      • Random Draw County – Affects order of candidates on the ballot for State Senate and Member of Assembly
      • Random Draw State – Affects order of candidates on the ballot for all other races
      • Qualified and On the Ballot
      • Candidate Statements – view Candidate Statements on our website.
      • Qualified but Not On the Ballot – Due to not enough candidates to require a vote declaring their candidacy
    • Local Ballot Measures – Viewing of all Measures, submitted to our office,  to be on the ballot in the next election. – Update coming August 12, 2020
    • Public Viewing
      • The public is welcome to view anything in our office, including:
        • Logic and Accuracy testing of voting machines and ballot counting equipment,
        • Vote-by-Mail processing and counting,
        • Election Night Counting, and
        • post-election Provisional ballot evaluation and counting.
    • Voter Turnout – Coming on Election Day.  View voter turnout both at the polls and returned vote-by-mail ballots.  Information will be live and updating all day.
    • Status  of your Vote by Mail or provisional ballot
    • Statement of Vote

Alternatively, you may select our Elections & Filings page to see a calendar of events.  While new events and additional information  may be added at any time, approximate dates and deadlines for the next two elections are currently posted on the calendar.  To view the calendar, please select the “Elections & Filings Calendar” option in the menu to the right (or below if you are viewing this on a mobile device).


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